My Johari Window

When taking the Johari Window personality test, I was definitely intrigued by my results. When choosing the traits I would describe myself with, I really wanted to pick more than six. If I could’ve I would have picked somewhere around 10-12. I only say this because almost all of the things in my blind-spot category, I basically knew and I would’ve picked if I had more than six words. I agreed with all of them and didn’t see anything out of place honestly. I think it was more of a good indicator of who I am than just my personality. I think it shows a lot about us in not so obvious ways. For example, I didn’t have anything in my facade box. I always try to be very straight forward and honest and I don’t think I have a “front” anyways, so that seemed fitting. A lot of people I know have said I’m an open book, and I agree. Another thing that’s telling of me is that people answered introverted and extroverted. When I’ve taken personality tests in the past I’ve gotten INFJ or ENTP various times depending on the test, so truly I do identify with being an ambivert more than anything else. I was also intrigued by how people who know me in all sorts of different capacities answered differently. Everyone in my immediate family said I was independent or mature, all of my friends said complex and organized, and 70% of people said I was caring. I’ve always known I was a caring and understanding individual and it definitely shows in my passions and in my work. After recently attending an info session on careers in mental health, I’d love to explore careers in adoption and child protective services, and I choose those because they are hard to do, but take extreme amounts of love, understanding, and compassion for everyone. I truly just want to impact a child’s life in a positive way and make human connections along the way. Overall, this test it definitely worth your time and can give you good insight to yourself.

My test:



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