First Impression: Emotion

For this first impression post, I chose the second option. I had to take a multiple choice 20 question facial expression quiz. I scored 17/20 on the quiz, it was a little harder than I thought it would be. At first, I didn’t realize how similar some emotions can be and how to differentiate them. There are very subtle facial and physical cues that can totally change the meaning or emotion. I never realized how heavily we rely on social cues in conversation also. I don’t know how accurate this test is, since, in my opinion, some of these emotions can be almost interchangeable or easily confused. I thought some of the terms were synonyms, but the meaning can totally change depending on the term apparently. Also, this quiz appeared in an online magazine website for healthy living and such based on science. I know there is a science behind recognizing facial expressions, emotions, and social cues, so this seems fairly accurate. I thought I would be better at this, but 17/20 isn’t too bad either for going into it without any practice or priming. For me, the hardest emotions to differentiate were the embarrassment and shame ones, and the contempt/anger ones. The differences didn’t seem that big to me or I didn’t realize the small details like wrinkles. I can use this information to help me in social interactions all the time. If I’m with a new group of people, I can tell what people are thinking or feeling, and potentially make friends. You can avoid awkward situations if you can feel out how people are feeling or what they’re thinking. You can also help someone if you see someone having a hard time expressing an emotion, they can physically, but not verbally maybe. Overall, it can help in many social situations for me.


One Reply to “First Impression: Emotion”

  1. Taking this quiz also made me realize the importance of social cues, as looking at just still faces wasn’t as obvious or easy as I thought it would be. But I completely agree with you that the options were ambiguous and could be interpreted to mean the same things. Especially considering how some emotions can be a mix of two, (like happiness with surprise or love with desire and/or flirtation) the test itself could be seen as minorly flawed. The pictures were sometimes difficult to read. I knew that contempt meant a pull in one corner of the mouth, but in the picture I didn’t see the pull because of the angle.


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