First Impression: Sleep

I opted for Option 2 for this first impression post. We all know how important sleep is, especially when combined with stress from our course work load, maintaining relationships, and making an income or working on our professional portfolios. Overall, I have a really hard time sleeping with noise and light, so I try to use a sleep mask and keep all music off when I go to bed. I honestly feel a huge slump around 4-7 pm every day, whether thats from lack of good nutrition, coffee, not enough sleep, or stress, it really can affect my sleep schedule for the night. If I decide to nap then, I wont be able to sleep as well and I won’t stay asleep either. However, if I can make it through the day, (all dayers are hard) then I will naturally start feeling sleepy around 9-10 pm. My roommate and I are very good about not staying up late, we generally have the same schedule every morning so it makes getting up easier. If I fall asleep on or before 11 pm, I find that I will always wake up anywhere between 4-6 am. I don’t mind waking up so early because I feel very refreshed. I usually lay in bed for a bit or go get ready immediately. I use to have problems with staying up too late or not being able to wake up on time, but this year I have been very good about getting around 7-8 hours a night. In the summer, I naturally woke up around 7-8 and would feel naturally tired between 10:30 and 11 pm and I would just keep that cycle going. In college I have kept the same cycle going as much as possible. I also try to stay off of electronics at night because the light will make my eyes more awake, so instead I usually have some reading I have to do before class in the morning/afternoon, so I will just read instead. Reading will make me sleepy very quickly. I find it also quite effective to stop drinking caffeine after 5 pm, that way I am not wired before bed. I feel pretty happy with my sleep overall, I just wish I could stay asleep longer sometimes, but my body usually knows when it’s gotten 7/8 hours of sleep and that’s all it wants. If I try to really sleep in past 8:30-9, I will feel very groggy and just want to sleep more, so I try to avoid that at all costs, but some days it is really nice.


One Reply to “First Impression: Sleep”

  1. I’m genuinely amazed at your current sleeping schedule. It seems like you are on a perfect path to getting the right amount of sleep for yourself, especially because you listen to your own body rather than anything else! I’m really glad you’ve found a system that works for you, but I have no idea how you can naturally wake up between 4 and 6am, but I also can’t imagine myself going to bed naturally any time before midnight. I’m really interested to know if you’ve ever had to train yourself to wake up so early, or if it just developed this summer like you mentioned.

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